Tanna is one of the 83 islands of the Vanuatu Archipelago and it is located in the South Pacific Sea. It stands out in front as a tourist must see’ destination. A tourist will be spoilt for choice on the island of Tanna.

Mount Yasur Volcano

It is the most accessible live volcano in the world. Over the years, increased volcanic activity has been detected. However, this has not deterred, in fact it has stimulated tourist interest in visiting Mount Yasur. Mount Yasur is also a sacred place for the Jon Frum cult. 

Most locals recommend the night tour since the Volcano comes alive with sparks and angry rumbling. Not only does the night tour provide a feast for the eyes, it also provides a sense of adventure.

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Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling

For tourists who are interested in such activities, the seas around Tanna provide an ideal playground. They contain a plethora of deep blue rock pools and holes. You can see live coral gardens, teeming with an abundance of colorful marine life.

A short boat ride away lies the Lemnap underwater cave. To access the cave you have to dive under the cliff wall which leads to a sixty meter wide grotto. The crystal clear turquoise water, provide a breathtaking view of the abundant sea life. If this adventure is not enough, indulge in a dive to the 1916 wreck of the Fijian’ lying in twenty meters of water.

The Beach

Being an island, Tanna is surrounded by beaches. They vary from black volcanic sands to white sandy beaches. It is a shell collector’s paradise, since the beaches are dotted with shells of every size and description. Port Resolution, a deep water harbor, is a favorite anchor point for yachts, since the shore consists of inviting white sandy beach. Who can resist such temptations?

Cave Tour

The ancient caves on Tanna Island are world famous and for many tourists, it is the primary attraction. Access to these caves requires snorkel diving. There are many local legends about the caves, handed down from the mists of time.

Boating, Fishing, Kayaking, Surfing, Swimming Walking and Beach Combing Activities

All these activities are available in Tanna Islands. You can get a fishing tour organized by your resort. For those interested in boating, kayaking and outrigger canoes are available for hire.

There are ideal surfing spots located off the reefs at Port Resolution and Lenakel. Huge waves crashing down to the shore, gives surfers an Adrenalin rush as they do the tube’. You can swim to your heart’s content, but do pay heed to warning signs, if posted.

For those who like walking, they have endless miles of shore line to amble along. Beach combers can find a lot of interesting things on the beach.

Mountain Bikes and 4 WD Tours 

Mountain bikes are available for hire and this is an ideal way to see and do things on your own. There are good roads on the Island and even if it rains, a 4 WD will handle the terrain with ease. It will be an off road adventure to remember.

Cultural Village Tours

To see tribal life, largely uninfluenced by outsiders, you can take a tour of Katsom villages. You will be exposed to traditional forms of medicine, dance and local cooking. Tourists should not miss the John Frum Cult Village tours on Friday evenings.

The other activities and places of interest in Tanna are the Hot Mineral Springs, well known for its relaxing and therapeutic properties. Horse Riding, Helicopter and Sea Plane tours are also available. To relax and let down your hair, visit a Kava Bar. The local brew provides a heady mix.

Tourism to the Island of Tanna, provides tourists a wide variety of things to do and is a destination which should be on everyone’s to do’ list.